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We’re honored to partner again with Photoville for our 4th year!  You’re in for another rich, unique and personal photographic experience.  We’ll miss our tent with all our activities but we will be replicating some of them virtually. Our collaboration with Photoville and Smilebooth will bring you a virtual photo booth as part of the 2020 festival, inviting you to share stories about photographs that have taught you life-changing lessons.

The PHOTOVILLE Festival, New York City’s FREE premier photo destination, returns for a ninth year in a different way – online community and artist programming plus photo exhibitions in public spaces throughout New York City.

This annual community gathering features public exhibitions, virtual online storytelling events, artist talks, workshops, demonstrations, educational programs, and community programming.

The Photoville Festival provides an accessible venue for photographers and audiences from every walk of life to engage with each other, and experience thought-provoking photography from across the globe – with free admission for all!


Visit Photoville.nyc to explore this year's festival!


Watch Photoville Talks

PhotoWings has supported the documentation of the Photoville Talks for the past three years, to expand the ways the global community can be a part of these important dialogues. Explore the collection of Photoville Talks today!

Reading the Pictures: Pete Souza and Michael Shaw – Photoville 2017

A Picture of America:
Privilege, Race & The Era of Trump
Sheila Pree Bright & Danny Wilcox Frazier


An Afternoon with Jamel Shabazz


RECLAIM Photography Panel
Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Shahidul Alam, Austin Merrill, Daniella Zalcman, Brent Lewis, moderated by Tara Pixley



PhotoWings + Photoville
Education Partnership



Building on 3 years of collaboration with educators to develop lesson plans inspired by photography projects, the Photoville x PhotoWings Educator Grant is an opportunity for educators in the Photoville community to receive resources and support to implement a photo-based lesson from the Photoville Educational Resource Library in their classroom and produce a culminating exhibition of student work.


2018 Photoville Talks

2017 Photoville Talks


A Picture of America: Privilege, Race & The Era of Trump

Presented in partnership with with Leica
Featuring: Sheila Pree Bright, Danny Wilcox Frazier

Explore the lives of individuals and communities that are often unseen, through the perspective of renowned photographers Sheila Pree Bright and Danny Wilcox Frazier. Bright and Frazier create visual, contemporary stories about social, political and historical contexts not often seen in the visual communication of traditional media and fine art platforms about divided communities. Their work captures and presents aspects of culture, and sometimes counter-culture, that challenge what we see and how we see it.

Reclaiming Photography

Featuring: Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Shahidul Alam, Austin Merrill, Daniella Zalcman, Tara Pixley (Moderator), Brent Lewis

A panel discussion from the founding members of RECLAIM: an alliance of The Everyday Projects, Native Agency, Majority World, Women Photograph, Minority Report [renamed from Visioning Project], and Diversify Photo. RECLAIM is made up of six organizations who are committed to amplifying the voices of underrepresented photographers and decolonizing the photojournalism industry. They are working together to diversify the community of visual storytellers, making sure that the lenses through which everyone interpret our world are as diverse as the people and places they hope to document.

Committed: A Leica Conversation with Doug Menuez and Mark Mann on the Impact and Importance of Long-Term Projects

Featuring: Doug Menuez, Mark Mann

Join Doug Menuez and Mark Mann as they dive into an in-depth discussion on how to overcome challenges and fears that arise in projects.

Climates in Conflict
Presented in partnership with The Ground Truth Project

Featuring: Laura Heaton, Nichole Sobecki and Charlie Sennott

Global warming no longer feels like a threat just for future generations. Extreme weather and rising temperatures are destabilizing communities across the globe and pushing people from their homes. This conversation featuring Photojournalist Nichole Sobecki, Journalist Laura Heaton and award winning foreign correspondent and The ground Truth Project Founder and Executive producer, Charles Sennott, will explore how the major challenges of our time — migration, extremism, conflict over dwindling natural resources — have roots in climate change. From Afghanistan to Colombia and Somalia, environmental changes have dire implications for security and are harbingers of global risks to come. What’s being done to address these concerns? What more can be done? How can visual storytelling help?

PDN’s 30: Advice for Emerging Photographers from Emerging Photographers

Presented in partnership with Photo District News
Featuring Holly Stuart Hughes (Moderator), Sasha Arutyunova, Benedict Evans, Jake Naughton, Frances F. Denny

Photographers chosen for the 2017 PDN’s 30: New and Emerging Photographers shared useful lessons they learned as they launched their careers, explain how they got their work seen and noticed, and offer advice on finding your style and building support for personal projects with PDN’s Editorial Director, Holly Hughes.

A Conversation on Widowhood

Presented in partnership with Pulitzer Center and featuring Amy Toensing & Whitney Johnson

In many regions of the world widowhood marks a “social death” for a woman – casting her and her children out to the margins of society.

Our Outreach Partner Ron Haviv presenting "The Lost Rolls"
Photo courtesy of ©Suzie Katz

Photo courtesy of ©Suzie Katz

Committed: A Leica Conversation with Doug Menuez and Mark Mann
Photo courtesy of ©Suzie Katz

Presentation by our Outreach Partner Austin Merrill talking about The Everyday Projects.
Photo courtesy of ©Suzie Katz

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