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My Park Moment Education Resource Guide

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Participating Artists

Sheilby Macena, Yuxing Liu, Marissa Leshnov, Francess Santos, plus over 400 community snapshots

My Park Moment is a project founded by

Presidio Tunnel Tops

In collaboration with

the National Park Service, the Presidio Trust, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Educational Partner


"My Park Moment" Education Resource Guide

Produced by Photoville Education in partnership with PhotoWings

Parks are inherently democratic places — they belong to all of us. The way people enjoy parks is as diverse as we are human.


The My Park Moment Photo Show celebrates our local and national parks, and the great memories and diverse experiences we all have in them. It turns the microphone over to people from communities across the Bay Area and beyond to share what makes parks special to them.

Image courtesy © Suzie Katz

This large-scale, outdoor exhibition is made up of 400 photos shared by a large and diverse group of people, including everyday park goers, teenagers, and professional photographers. Hand-picked by a distinguished group of creators and community leaders from thousands of submissions, these beautiful, inspiring images capture the beauty of the great outdoors and the joy that time in nature can bring. The show invites one and all to explore, celebrate, and reflect on the role parks play in our lives.

As educational partner for the exhibition, PhotoWings invites you to
download the Education Resource Guide.




What is this guide, and how do I use it?


This Education Resource Guide accompanies the My Park Moment exhibition on view at the Presidio. You might use this guide as an introduction to the exhibition, as a follow-up to your visit, or as a virtual way to experience the work of these artists.

Image courtesy © Suzie Katz

The introductory questions invite you to explore and discuss the exhibition. Individual artist pages for the 4 Visual Story Award winners include project descriptions, artist bios, guiding questions, and more. We hope that these materials enhance your experience of the exhibition and prompt meaningful discussions.


Let's Explore:

Follow this scavenger hunt to guide you as you explore park memories shared by community members. Which snapshots remind you of your own memories? Which snapshots inspire you to experience something new? Discuss with a friend or grab a notebook to reflect as you look.


Crissy Field East

  • Where are people connecting and engaging with the land?
  • What photo inspires you? What does it inspire you to do?
  • Where do you see bliss? Which images evoke gratitude?
  • What sounds do you hear when you look at these images (e.g. wind blowing, water trickling, crickets chirping, etc.)?
  • How does nature provide healing and care? Where do you see that happening in these photographs?

Main Post East

  • Where do you see joyful, wild abandon?
  • How are people experiencing community in these images?
  • Where do you see teaching and learning in relation to nature?
  • Where can you see celebration and play?
  • Which images evoke solidarity?

Main Post West

  • Where do you see people taking healthy risks in nature? How are people stretching their limits?
  • What sensations do you imagine the explorers in these photos are feeling?
  • Where can you spot motion and action?
  • Where do you see moments of discovery?
  • Which space or activity looks the most inviting to you? Why?

Crissy Field West

  • How do the outdoors create space for interaction and connection?
  • Find an image that makes you stop and slow down. What do you hear and smell?
  • Find an image that draws you in. What do you see and feel?
  • Where are you zoomed in to the natural world? What surprises are revealed?
  • How many landscapes can you find? What feels familiar or unfamiliar in them?
  • Where can you spot playfulness and silliness?

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Learn more about each of the Visual Story artists:


My Park Moment is produced by Photoville, and presented in partnership with PhotoWings.