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The Value of Our Photographic Heritage: Five Perspectives - Photoville 2021

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We’re honored to partner again with Photoville!  You’re in for another rich, unique and personal photographic experience.  We’ll miss our tent with all our activities but we will be replicating some of them virtually. Our collaboration with Photoville and Smilebooth will bring you a virtual photo booth as part of the 2020 festival, inviting you to share stories about photographs that have taught you life-changing lessons.

In 2018, we expanded our partnership with UPI to include a variety of year-round educational professional development days and community building events including family photography evenings, student foto-field trips and Education Day events at Photoville. We continue to document the talks this year, and will make them available to the public at a later date.

About Photoville:

The PHOTOVILLE Festival, New York City’s FREE premier photo destination, returns for a ninth year in a different way – online community and artist programming plus photo exhibitions in public spaces throughout New York City.

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This annual community gathering features public exhibitions, virtual online storytelling events, artist talks, workshops, demonstrations, educational programs, and community programming.

The Photoville Festival provides an accessible venue for photographers and audiences from every walk of life to engage with each other, and experience thought-provoking photography from across the globe – with free admission for all!


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