Peter DiCampo – The Everyday Projects

Award-winning photographer Peter DiCampo sat down with PhotoWings to discuss the genesis and phenomenal success of the social photography project Everyday Africa, which has led to a community of more than 20 unique Everyday projects called Everyday Everywhere. The project seeks to encourage empathy and understanding by documenting relatable and contextual images, in addition to those made with stereotypical narratives. Founded by journalists DiCampo and Austin Merrill, the project has used the shareability of social media to reach a global audience.

The idea that started Everyday Africa has evolved into a growing community of other "Everyday" projects, with photographic storytellers creating new feeds such as @EverydayUSA, @EverydayAsia, @EverydayLatinAmerica, and @EverydayClimateChange. The educational potential for these projects is enormous.

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About Peter: 

Peter DiCampo is a documentary photographer whose goal is to contribute his work to a dialogue on international development. He launched his freelance career while also working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Ghana. He has received three grants from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, in 2009, 2011, and 2012. His acclaimed Life Without Lights project on global energy poverty has exhibited in London, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Hannover (Germany), and Lagos. Peter is co-creator of Everyday Africa, a project focused on daily-life images from across the continent to refute the stereotypical media image of Africa.