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Family Albums –
Why Preserving Photography Matters Part 2

Keynote: Mike Davis –
The Music of Photographs

Anarchy in the USA: Revisit the Conversation with VII Photographers who Covered the Events in the Capitol


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Doug Nickel, Former Director of the Center for Creative Photography

One of the most respected curators and photo historians of his generation,...

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Jane Fulton Alt – Look and Leave: New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina

Photographer Jane Fulton Alt says one of the things she learned from the...

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Learn more: US Library of Congress

Sitting in their Washington offices, we tried to get a sense of the collection...

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Bicycles and Bloomers: How Bikes Helped Revolutionize Women’s Lives

Glance at an old photo of a Victorian lady with her bicycle, and you’ll...

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Interview: Sandra Phillips, Senior Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  Sandra Phillips is Senior Curator of Photography at the San Francisco...

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James Nachtwey & the TED Prize – a creative campaign to fight the XDR-TB pandemic

With the recent launch of his Extensive Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB)...

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Interview with A. D. Coleman

We talked to pioneering photo critic A.D. Coleman about his career, how he...

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