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Oscar Castillo

Oscar B. Castillo is a freelance documentary photographer based between Mulhouse, France, and Caracas, Venezuela. As a photojounalist Oscar has covered many stories from the earthquake in Haiti, to struggles for independence in Indian controlled Kashmir. Oscar is particularly interested by urban subcultures in his home, Caracas. He is currently working on a long term project on the effects and impacts of the boom in urban violence.

Oscar has published internationally and his work has been shown in various different photography exhibitions.  He joined the Fractures Photo Collective in the Spring of 2012.

Oscar, in his own words: "Between quitting studying psychology during my punk crisis and these days of photojournalism and projects many experiences have knocked my door. Streets, parties, travels and murky episodes were my daily life for years later followed by reflections and a growing interest for politics, human relations and society structures. After trying to destroy everything I thought was the cause of the misery of our world, as expected, I ended up disappointed: destroying to protest against destruction was kind of paradoxical. But these politics, as interesting as doubtfully useful in practice, started etching some ideas in my mind, and so I began to see equality, dignity, justice and respect as a goal to accomplish and photography as a tool to build bridges towards that goal. I feel those ideas further and further away, but the further I feel them, the more I think they are deeply needed…"

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