PhotoWings Flash Grants

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PhotoWings invites you to submit a photography-based project for an opportunity to receive a FLASH grant.  
Create a project that results in
an educational toolkit/curriculum for replication, adaptation for inspiration.


Awards will be given to projects with potential to create ripples across cultures, generations and/or disciplines.



Up to $1000 to fund a creative educational project inspired by or utilizing our PhotoWings content.



Up to $5000 to fund an original cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and/or intergenerational photography project.


Selected projects will be showcased on the PhotoWings website and used in our educational Outreach Program.


Selected projects will be showcased on the PhotoWings website and used in our educational Outreach Program


Submission deadline:

June 15, 2020

Applications are now closed.
Thank you for your interest!





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Our photographic world is dynamic and changing almost by the minute.  In a world where everyone’s a photographer and photography is so ubiquitous, the potential for utilizing photography in innovative ways is daunting, exciting and unlimited.


At PhotoWings, we explore creative and thoughtful ways to incorporate photography across disciplines, cultures and generations to further deep thinking and communication.  Our content is designed to educate photographers and that the ideas and inherent skills used by photographers can help build 21st century skills and encourage social emotional learning (SEL).


We’ve had success finding like-minded partners to help further our mission and invite you to join us.  We’ve purposely made our FLASH grants “up to “ $1000 and “up to” $5000. Winners will receive funding on a sliding scale based on the simplicity/complexity of the project and how the project will be documented. We are open to proposals on any scale—from a one-off idea to a full-blown project.  Successful applicants will show their idea has the potential to impact many people and create ripples.They will also agree to create a toolkit/curriculum so that others might benefit.  The ideais to not only make an impact, but to create something that can be replicated, adapted or serve as inspiration for new projects.


Two FLASH grant categories:


Funding of up to $1000 for a photo-based project inspired by or creatively utilizingour content. We would love to amass a wide array of ideas that we can feature on our website so others may benefit.


Funding of up to $5000 for an original cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and/or intergenerational photography-based project. Extra attention will be given to new project concepts and projects addressing visual literacy.


Project Proposal Criteria


Diverse Engagement:
Plan to engage stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines.   Projects can include photography, psychology, sociology, art, design, English, theater, music, communications, journalism, engineering, international relations, community engagement or other disciplines. We value out-of-the-box thinking.

Incorporates Photographic Thinking Values:
Going beyond photography as fine art, the project should embody and explore some of the skills utilized by photographers to tell powerful stories and share big ideas: visual literacy, empathy, communication, earning trust, ethics, resilience, critical thinking, perspective, context, photographic preservation and legacy.


You give PhotoWings permission to use your project and materials for educational purposes, including sharing projects through social media.  To do so you must own your project photos or obtain the written permission from the owner to use photographs that do not belong to you.  We encourage you to use original work when creating your project.

Being awarded a Flash Grant does not obligate PhotoWings to use or highlight your work.




How much funding can I apply for, and what will the FLASH grant fund?

PhotoWings will offer applicants the opportunity to receive grants (up to $5,000 for exceptional projects) through an online application process. If multiple strong applications are received then more than one grant may be offered.

Funding can be used to purchase materials necessary for the success of the PhotoWings Flash Grant project, such as supplies, room rentals, technology needs, live-streaming equipment, printing, photo booth construction and display costs. The selection committee values evidence of creative efforts to leverage existing or in-kind resources as appropriate.


What will not be funded with a FLASH grant?

Grants will not be given to support personal projects. Funding cannot be used for travel expenses, equipment purchases, (small exceptions may be may be considered on a case-by case basis for the purchase of throw away cameras, etc.), exhibit frames/shipping or alcohol.


What’s involved in the application process?

As part of your online application, you will be asked to submit a proposal and a budget detailing intended use of the grant funds.

The amount of funding allocated will be based on the proposed budget and alignment with the grant criteria. The selection committee will review completed applications and may ask for clarifications from applicants.

A mid-term and final report will be due at the end of the grant period for projects in the second grant category, as well as a report confirming how grant funds have been spent.

You must confirm that you own or have permission to use all photographs involved in your project.

You will be required to prepare an educational toolkit/curriculum that can be used by others for project replication, adaptation or inspiration.


How should I envision the scope of my project? For how many people? For how long?

The size of the event or project, how long it lasts, and how many people participate is up to the applicant.



For any additional information please contact us

Previous PhotoWings Grant:

PhotoWings + Ashoka U
InSights: Past Present and Future Self Through Photography

Following our Self-Discovery Through Photography webinar, the partnership of PhotoWings and Ashoka U announced InSights: Past, Present, and Future Self through Photography grants in September 2013. Working with nine prominent, grant-winning university communities from the 24 world-wide Ashoka U Campuses — including Brown, Cornell, New School, Ryerson, and Tulane — we helped foster and mentor campus projects that utilize the power of photography. The goal of InSights is to demonstrate ways that photography and the ideas around it could act as conversation starters in cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-generational contexts, engaging communities and catalyzing social change.

Ashoka is the original network of social entrepreneurs worldwide, with nearly 3,000 Ashoka Fellows in 70 countries putting their system changing ideas into practice on a global scale. As founder Bill Drayton says, "Our job is not to give people fish, it's not to teach them how to fish, it's to build new and better fishing industries."


Grantee Highlights:

Carolyn Meyer
Middlebury Institute of International Studies
"Bursting the Bubble: Fostering Connections between Community and Campus"

Mark Strandquist – Windows from Prison / Performing Statistics

Dublin City University: Intergenerational Learning Programme


Examples of PhotoWings Content:

Mike Davis: The Music of Photographs

Photo editor, Alexia Foundation Mike Davis:  How a photo editor can help - both in narrative and finding one’s voice. The importance of visual thinking in education.

James Whitlow Delano: Lesson in the Field

Photographer James Whitlow Delano in Guatemala – Lessons In The Field: Choosing a story, observation, ethics, communication, earning trust

Andrea Bruce: Lessons in the Field

NOOR photojournalist and National Geographic photographer Andrea Bruce, in Bali: Lessons In The Field - Storytelling, narrative, communication empathy & working with fixers

Victor J. Blue: Observing, Noticing, Remembering

The importance of writing, observation, using all your senses, his approach to photographing, memory