Watch: Gawain Weaver – Preserving a Photographic Legacy

Photo Conservator Gawain Weaver: Preserving a Photographic Legacy

 In this video, Gawain touches on how he came to be a photo conservator,  discusses the various ways in which photographs can be damaged by time and the elements, and presents some solutions to the preservation of old photographs.

Gawain mentions that quite frequently he will be asked to restore old photographs because the subjects of those photos have passed on, and this "gives new meaning to them." Watching this video, you can think about how your own family heritage and history is preserved, as Gawain says, "through this little window of paper, and silver, and everything else that makes up a photograph."

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About Gawain

Gawain Weaver is a respected photo conservator. His writings have appeared in George Eastman House publications and in publications by the American Institute for Conservation (AIC). He recently opened shop in San Anselmo, California, where he has tools for professional restoration and preservation.