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Conversations on Conflict Photography

Presented by Photoville and Lauren Walsh

Featuring Lauren Walsh, Nina Berman, Spencer Platt, Maryanne Golon

Photoville 2019 Talks On-demand recordings are made possible in partnership with PhotoWIngs with additional support by the Philip and Edith Leonian Foundation

This panel brings together a scholar, photographers, and a director of photography, and explores the complexities and ethical dilemmas of conflict photography in the contemporary moment. The tools of warfare include chemical weapons, terrorists compete using visual propaganda, and media literacy lags. The critical line between documentation and exploitation is trickier than ever to define.

This conversation among experts presents a penetrating look at the struggles of the craft and the practitioners who keep it alive, from brushes with death on the frontlines, to the battles for space, resources, and attention in the media. Despite these obstacles, they remain true to a purpose, one that is palpable as they celebrate the crucial value of journalism alongside remarkable success stories: from changing the life of a single individual, to raising broad awareness about human rights issues.


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