Watch: Camille Seaman – Personal Inspiration in Photography

Photographer Camille Seaman: Personal Inspiration in Photography

In this video, Camille Seaman explores the power of photography through personal terms. In her words, "photography saved my life." She explains the magic feeling she received from just holding a toy camera as a child, and how photography provided a creative outlet during troubled times in her adolescence. Photography also allowed her to connect to her family history and illustrate some lesser-known facets of it. Drawing on that inspiration, she relates her experience with recovering thousands of strangers' family pictures from the landfill, wondering at how such remarkable pictures could go without anyone to carry them forward. To Camille, "[a photograph] was evidence of a time and of a moment." The overall importance of photography belongs to its documentary qualities.

As Camille's experience demonstrates, a photograph can be moving whether found in a news magazine or in a dusty shoebox in your aunt's attic. Watching this video, you can think about the ways that the act of photography and photographic images themselves have personally touched you.

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About Camille

Camille Seaman is a well respected and widely published photographer, whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Time Magazine, Camera Arts, the New York Times, and in many others.

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