Acts of Witness
Acts of Witness is the online publication that puts into practice the compassionate and ethical journalism of its parent organization, The Ochberg Society. The Society is a non-profit network of journalists who are committed to bringing human compassion to reporting stories of trauma, social justice and conflict. Acts of Witness is a venue for Society members to bring this sensibility to stories they care about and to explore what bearing witness to the trauma of others really means for journalists.

Ahorn Magazine 
The Magazine’s spare and elegant layout showcases interviews, essays, photo book reviews and galleries of new work in international contemporary photography. The quality of the images and writing is generally outstanding here, making Ahorn a particularly attractive site for those watching the emerging scene in contemporary photography.

Alligator Juniper Literary Magazine
Arizona’s bastion of liberal arts, Prescott College, is home to Alligator Juniper, an annual literary magazine illustrated with black & white photography. Photographers ranging from emerging to established can submit work to Alligator Juniper’s annual photo contest for a prize of $500. Sadly, there is not much of the award-winning work to see on the site.

American Illustration/American Photography 
Well regarded for its juried annual of contemporary photography, American Photography is recognized as a top-flight showcase for editorial, advertising, fine art and experimental work. AP is interested in cutting-edge work from the diverse areas of photography and has been know to give newcomers pride of place alongside such established names as Luc Delahaye, Lee Friedlander, Nan Goldin, Jean Paul Goude, Lauren Greenfield, Brigitte Lacombe, Vincent Laforet, Annie Leibovitz, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Spencer Platt, Martin Schoeller, and Stephanie Sinclair. Selections from the AP annual, said to be a beautifully packaged “snapshot” of current photography, can be viewed on the site, along side American Photography’s sister publication American Illustration.

American Photo
A quarter century of exceptional photo-essays, interviews, new voices and a close reading of trends in photography are wrapped up in a stylish package. Much of the content from the monthly print magazine can be found on AP’s beautifully-designed site.

Aperture Magazine - Aperture Foundation
The Aperture Foundation has built on the strength of Aperture Magazine, the respected publication founded in 1952 by photographers Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, and Minor White, historian Beaumont Newhall, and writer/curator Nancy Newhall. The Foundation publishes books, has assembled a considerable archive of important prints, offers an educational program for interns, and mounts exhibitions in the Foundation’s Manhattan headquarters at the Burden Gallery in Manhattan.

Apogee Photo
Unpretentious in design and inclusive in tone, Apogee Magazine’s site covers a wide range of photographic topics. There are articles on everything from the technical aspects of shooting to the business of photography, along with instruction for beginners and young people, workshops, online photo classes and online photo contests. Apogee goes out its way to make photography approachable and fun for its readers, and has earned a loyal following for it.

Art Forum
A powerhouse magazine in the art world, Art Forum is the “go-to” monthly publication for anyone seeking to understand the business, trends, fashion and …art of the art world. Providing news from all over the world, reviews of exhibitions, books, events and buildings, Art Forum is also home to respected critical writing on the contemporary scene.

Blind Magazine
Blind is a bilingual, French and English online magazine that publishes daily photography news, and visual stories on cultural, social, and geographical phenomena from around the world. The editorial team is composed of specialized journalists based in different cities (Paris, London, New York, Brussels, Hong Kong). Blind is a magazine that invites readers to take the time to see, read and understand the language of photographers.

Blind Spot 
On the avant-garde of art photography, Blind Spot is the on-line version of the beautiful print journal. Each month, the site previews a selection of new works from renowned photo-based artists as well as  up-and-coming talents, complimented by fiction and poetry.  

British Journal of Photography
The British Journal of Photography, published continuously since 1854, takes a broad view of the international photo scene with in-depth articles on projects and profile of photographers. As a good general interest photo journal, the BJP also balances the fascination with new trends in gear and its unique understanding of the history of the medium.

Camerawork - SF Camerawork, San Francisco
This is the online resource center for SF Camerawork, the San Francisco based community-minded organization that fosters the work of emerging and mid-career photographers. Exhibitions in their online and physical gallery spaces, a lecture series, workshops and bi-annual publications are there to engage the wider world on photography’s aesthetic and social concerns. The organization’s mentoring program, First Exposures, invites photographers to act locally and teach the craft to youth at risk.

Colors Magazine
Described by its own creative director as " a mix of 'National Geographic' and 'Life," on acid," Colors Magazine relies on the strength of its images to explore the complex social issues in the everyday lives of people and places around the world. Colors thrives on movement, collaboration and a measure of controversy, as the magazine is renowned for its bold graphic style and for never shying away from difficult subjects, such as the many repercussions of globalization.

Contact Sheet - Light Work, Syracuse NY 
Light Work’s Contact Sheet covers the work of cutting edge and established photographers and graceful monographs of photo and digital imaging artists exhibited at the Robert B. Menschel Media Center at Syracuse University. Donations from the diverse talents of Light Work’s Artists-in-Residence program go to build its permanent collection. The organization also offers lectures and classes, and support for local photographers in the form of Light Work grants.

Dart Society Reports
The Dart Society’s online human rights magazine is a showcase for the work of journalists that cover trauma, conflict and social injustice. The magazine explores large, complex stories in-depth, with multiple points of view provided by the work of selected journalists and photographers.

Daylight Magazine 
Reimagining the documentary mode through collaboration with established and emerging artists, scholars and journalists, Daylight Magazine has become one of the premier showcases for contemporary photography. The site offers previews of of Daylight's print magazine, its multi-media documentaries and its series of photography books.

Deep Sleep
Deep Sleep is a quarterly online photography magazine founded by a small group of contributors who share the same office space in East London. Each issue is on a specific theme and guest contributors are also invited to submit a set of images based on that theme. Deep Sleep seeks photography of the highest calibre, whether from experienced award-winning photographers or emerging young talents. There's no money involved. One of the founders' motivations was to do something untainted by the demands of the marketplace. It is very much a labour of love.

Diffusion Magazine
A yearly print publication that presents work made with alternative photographic processes such as experimental darkroom derived work, analog/low-fidelity, mixed-media photography, as well as unique digital processes. The publishers of Diffusion seem to stand defiant against the current of contemporary photo publications, if not publishing in general, by showcasing alternative and mainly analogue work in an age where everything including the publishing industry itself seems to be going digital. The website acts as a preview for the magazine, with extra interviews and news.

Feature Shoot
Feature Shoot showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through compelling, cutting-edge projects. With contributing writers from all over the world and a wide range of interests, the website features contemporary work in all genres of photography: fine art, documentary, portrait, still life, landscape and more.

A big, bold, large format and high resolution publication that showcases the best in international contemporary fine art photography. Eyemazing specializes in producing a highly collectible quarterly print magazine, as well as a digital version that has won the prestigious Lucy Award.

F-Stop Magazine
Published bi-monthly, each issue of F-Stop proposes a new theme and invites photographers world-wide to submit work that interprets it. This rich and inclusive journal offers photographers the possibility of a spot in the Featured  Artist or Group Exhibition catagories, the latter being  a well-curated dialogue of images. Between the image-rich issues and the comprehensive archives, there is a wealth of excellent work here. 

F2 e-Zine - Women in Photography International 
F2 is the online presence of Women in Photography International, a group has been advocating for women’s photography and working for its increased visibility in the world for over two decades. The e-zine assembles news, new photo projects, business tips and book reviews related to women photographers (and women in general), a reflection of the organization’s commitment to supporting women photographers through the entire process of creation. Other useful sections include a member database searchable by photographic specialty and an ongoing series of juried online exhibitions. There is even a reference section of bibliographies devoted to women photographers and their art.

File Magazine 
In the words of its publishers, “FILE Magazine publishes images that treat subjects in unexpected ways.” Along with the humorous and self-deprecating tone of the site, is a serious collection of work by photographers who see things differently. These unconventional, and often poetic points of view are showcased in well designed galleries that include, among others, reportages, travelogues, and photo-essays. No longer published, the site remains as an archive.

Flak Photo
Andy Adams edits a daily photography blogzine that casts a wide net in order to bring us this stream of exceptional visual work along with the essays and interviews that fill in the picture. Published every day, Flak features the work of emerging and established photographers from all genres, all the while keeping the door open for anyone with a vision who wishes to contribute.

Foam Magazine
Foam may be one of those very cool thematic international photography magazines published a few times a year, but it is also, perversely, a venue for questioning everything from the true nature of photography to what we mean by the word “magazine.” Be prepared for surprising choices in print stock, cutting-edge design, excellent writing and some “idiosyncratic editorial choices.”

Keeping the independent spirit of photojournalism alive, this on-line version of the serious print journal is home to a lot of important work that has been 'overlooked or under represented' in the mainstream media. The rich archive includes skillfully made multi-media reportages, storytelling and personal journeys, as well as features and interviews.

FotoArt Magazine 
A friendly and accessible site based in Greece that is set up as a resource centre for emerging photographers. Portfolio submissions are welcome and photographer’s resumes are published with their work. Includes pages on photo history, articles and book reviews, schools and technical questions. In Greek and English.

Fraction Magazine
What began as a monthly online magazine for the New Mexico photography scene has quickly blossomed in to an international venue – and advocate - for fine art and contemporary photography. Fraction succeeds in blending work from both recognized and emerging photographers in a generous gallery space that insures that viewers have a body of work to consider. This feeds into Fraction Editions, where a single image by a photographer (featured in the Magazine) is available at a very reasonable cost to collectors of new work. In turn, ten percent of each sale from Fraction Editions goes into the Fraction Acquisition Fund, which is used to purchase photographs that are then donated to permanent photography collections in national museums. A brilliant system for getting new work to be seen and valued.

Frieze Magazine
As the online presence of one of Europe’s premiere magazines of contemporary art and culture, the Frieze site is densely packed with news of international exhibitions, screenings and art events, also reviews, critical essays, columns and interviews dealing with a broad spectrum of current artistic endeavors – not to mention advertising from some of the world’s most notable galleries. Flanked by its sister organizations, Frieze Art Fair, the annual high-flying art blow-art in London’s Regent Park, and Frieze Foundation, the non-profit that programs the art, music, talks and education of the Art Fair, Frieze is clearly a very active player on the international art scene.

Guide to Unique Photography 
This is the dynamic online presence for the Amsterdam-based print magazine GUP (Guide to Unique Photography), a bold little bi-monthly that covers a lot of ground. GUP devotes each issue to a specific theme, presenting portfolios of contemporary art photos from an international cast of contributor. Long-format interviews, essays and a somewhat Euro-centric list of international gallery and museum exhibitions fill out this active site.

Her Circle Magazine
Artists and writers featured in Her Circle use their work as a means of addressing identity, gender, ethnicity, politics, and statutes that surround and shape women’s lives. The EZine links to selected art and writing blogs, offers features on women artists and writers and is a showcase for Studio HCE, an online gallery space dedicated exclusively to women's art.

Huck Magazine
Huck is a London-based bi-monthly magazine, website, and video platform. It has been recognized for its style of exploring subcultures as "entry points for articles about music, politics and places all over the world.” The magazine and website features a dedicated section to contemporary and archival photography projects.

The online version of HotShoe offers a summary of the European photo magazine’s mix of established and emerging portfolios, equipment, show and book reviews and current photo news. Because HotShoe covers a wide spectrum of photographic genres, in analogue and digital, it is a useful generalist resource for the European market.

Celebrating the keen eye of street photographers, iN-PUBLIC’s online gallery features the biographies and work of numerous photographers who hit the pavement and capture moments that run the gamut from comical to shocking to heartfelt. iN-PUBLIC’s News section keeps visitors apprised of current goings-on in the photography world, from gallery exhibitions and Web sites to news about particular photographers.

International Street Photographer 
International Street Photographer Magazine is of course concerned with the venerable but still vital art of street photography, but more than that, ISP exposes perspectives from around the world on the work of making photographs. The bi-monthly publication covers a lot of ground, examining topics as varied as the challenges of legendary institutions of photography and the thoughts of a novice street photographer.

Landscape Stories
Landscape Stories organizes its online magazine around a broad theme, such as “Wealth,” “the Lure of the Sea,” or “Adolescence,” and invites contemporary photographers to bring their own interpretations to the table. Landscape Stories doesn’t try to mimic a print magazine format, rather it presents a series of galleries, each prefaced by the photographers’ approach to this particular “landscape.”

Life Magazine 
The online version of the iconic photo publication, now a weekend newspaper magazine, offers a search engine that will find recent photos as well as some of the classic shots that made the magazine’s reputation.

Lunatic Mag 
Created in 2007, Lunatic gives the opportunity to photographers to promote original stories and images. It also aims to provide space for creative work within photojournalism. Lunatic is bi-annual.

Profound or laughably common-place, Musarium's collection of stories of human experience are expressed through photography, video and multi-media, innovatively weaving together different the media to best tell the story. A beautiful and provocative site that serves up storytelling as an antidote to “mind-numbing television.”

Photo Techniques Magazine 
For serious amateurs and working professionals honing their skills, Photo Techniques Magazine offers its print and digital editions as a source for tips, techniques and solutions for better photographs. Content includes news, tips, product reviews, contests and galleries of work by “serious photographers.” Both the print and online editions are available by subscription.

Photo Review 
The online counterpart of the critical photo journal includes a gallery of classic work drawn from the “Portfolio” pages of the print publication, information about the magazine’s annual contest, auction and newsletters for photo collectors and dealers

Photo-Eye Magazine Booklist 
In keeping with Photo-Eye’s interest in disseminating fine art and documentary photography, Photo-Eye Magazine Booklist presents reviews and essays that celebrate photography books. The magazine’s section of the site offers good long previews of all their features, and as the magazine seems tied to the Photo-Eye’s book distribution, there is are “click to purchase” icons for the books mentioned. The magazine is only one of Photo-Eye’s endeavors; they disseminate high quality work in many ways as possible.

The Independent Photographer
Publishing in-depth editorials, book reviews, and stories, The Independent Photographer’s online magazine and stories are some of the best comprehensive resources on contemporary photography. It offers photographers the opportunity to share their work with an ever-growing international audience, learn and discover all there is to know about photography, from the work of the great masters to the latest trends and publications.

The Phoblographer
The Phoblographer is a website that explores the psychology of photographers as they do their work. It also offers reviews, tips, tutorials, and news from a lifestyle point of view. The site explores the photography world and pop culture’s effects on the art form, and strives to bridge the gap between the art world and the tech world.

The photographers that founded this elegant Polish-based e-magazine are seeking a wider audience for the photojournalism and photo documentary work coming out of Poland and Eastern European. Choosing to publish in only English, they showcase a variety of stories on life in Eastern Europe from the local correspondent’s perspective. The site includes archives, links and submission guidelines. A valuable new voice in the photojournalism community.

Photography Quarterly – Center for Photography at Woodstock
Photography Quarterly Magazine is part of the Center for Photography at Woodstock’s ambitious program “to build audiences, enhance dialogue, and encourage inquiry about contemporary photography and related media.” The magazine features written and photographic essays sensitive to “the balance of aesthetic, geographic, ethnic, and gender issues. The CPW’s busy web site contains information on programs in education, internships, the Fellowship Fund in support of New York State photographers, exhibitions in their gallery space, and news of artists residencies and other services.

Photo Histories 
An oral history of 20th century photography is collected on this site, where photographers tell tales "that used to be told over lightboxes, in darkrooms and in the cafés, pubs and bars of the world – places where photographers used to gather but so rarely have the opportunity to do so today." Be sure to visit the interviews page.

Pixel Press 
Presenting tough and relevant political and social documentary projects, Pixel Press seems to be on a mission to stir up an active dialogue between viewers, image-makers and subjects. The magazine' s makers view the digital revolution as the beginnings of a “new paradigm of journalism.” By collaborating with artists, documentary photographers, and various human rights and non-governmental agencies, Pixel Press seeks to use this new paradigm heighten public awareness and involvement with human rights, global responsibility, and local action. The site includes feature documentaries, articles and essays, links to new sites and blogs of interest. See the list of past gallery exhibitions to get a sense of the scope and humanity of their endeavor.

Posi+tive Magazine
Posi+tive is a magazine in the loosest sense, it is generous and compelling online repository for current work in reportages, photography, and video. Searchable by “sections” such as architecture, culture and art, Posi+tive is open and international in spirit, even if there are related Berlin and Italian editions.

Purpose Magazine 
Creating an original and engaging photo experience, the French webzine Purpose marries topic-driven photo series from established and emerging photographers to an original soundtrack. Laid out in a print magazine style, and featuring an eclectic range of subjects, Purpose brings an extra dimension to the work with its ambient soundtracks provided by commissioned composers. Although the editors do not emphasize it particularly in their stated mission, the careful curating of sound and image here is a rare and delightful thing, and makes this publication stand out from the rest.

Seesaw Magazine 
Inspired by Walker Evans musing about the nature of photography being “…observation full and felt,” SeeSaw is a beautifully produced online magazine that takes on the many different ways photographers observe their subjects. There is a fascinating variety of work here, where emerging and established photographers share space with writers whose sense of observation and engagement with the work is strong. Interestingly, SeeSaw also regularly features found photographs, perhaps as a way of calling upon our own powers of observation and narrative.

Source Photographic Review
Published quarterly out of Belfast, Source is a magazine that shines a bright light on emerging photography through its print and digital editions. Source is exceptional for the quality of its curating, and its creative initiatives for getting new Irish and British work seen, including their Apple and Android-friendly apps for viewing. The Review’s site even offers up unexpected gifts such as an “oral history” archive of audio interviews with people with a range of perspectives on photography.

Published between 1997 and 2002, Reportage offers its archive of important and truly international stories, often from emerging or relatively unknown photojournalists. On this simple, well-designed site, the archive is sorted chronologically and geographically, giving a sense of Reportage’s wide field of inquiry. Writing is an important component of the magazine; feature length articles, interviews and photographer’s commentary frame the photography and emphasize story telling. 

The online home of the bi-monthly print magazine edited by John Vink, an associate at Magnum Photos. The simple site includes subscription information and an overview of each issue. In English and French.

Trans Asia Photography Review
Seeking to more fully explore a subject that has yet to receive much notice, Trans Asia Photography Review is an academic journal dedicated to the study of the history and unfolding future of photography from Asia. The academic view lends itself to many different ways of studying and interpreting Asian photography: photos as anthropological evidence, photography as art form, the history of chemical processes and the politics of the image, to name a few. The bi-annually published journal intends to deepen the knowledge and the discourse about Asian photography at a key moment in the region’s history.

Verve Photo 
Showcase for an international cast of passionate young documentary photographers, Verve Photo is a riveting site that un-spools a compelling and diverse collection of stories. Photographer and photo editor Geoffrey Hiller founded Verve and curates its ever-growing gallery of images, and he is clearly enthusiastic about the work he shows. Pictures are given a lot of space on this site, after all they (and a short paragraph and photographer’s bio) introduce the story. In fact, the photos all link back to the photographers’ home sites, providing them with valuable exposure. Verve also features an extensive list of links to documentary photographers as well as favorite multi-media, on-line magazines and photo agencies.

View Camera 
This is the online version of a print journal dedicated to large format photography. The site includes an archive of articles from past issues, selected pages for subscribers only, and a discussion forum.

The Visual Journalist 
The Visual Journalist, no longer publishing, still offers an excellent archive of first hand accounts of those working in multimedia and photography. Creators talk about their multimedia pieces; visual journalists websites are showcased; Tips, tricks and tools of the trade, as well as competitions, and educational seminars are listed; notable multimedia pieces are promoted and Brent Foster describes his India Experience.

Witness Magazine
This outstanding online magazine, published in PDF format, is home to a powerful collection of in-depth and long-term photo documentaries on topics ranging from the state of healthcare in the rural southern United States to draught, famine and war in Sub-Saharan Africa. Part of the larger Vision Project, an organization dedicated to the development of documentary photography, investigative journalism, multimedia and education, Witness is a well crafted and superbly literate magazine that takes the time and space needed to really explore the causes and effects of complex issues. The photography is consistently compelling, and well supported by the intelligent and direct writing. An excellent documentary resource.

Zone Zero 
Particularly attuned to the diversity of the world of photography, Zone Zero features a large, curated gallery space for international photo essays and documentary projects. In addition to generous, non-curated galleries for photographic work submitted by individuals, they also provide a web log open to all. In English and Spanish.