Photo Blogs

Atlantic: In Focus

The Atlantic's hub for all thing photo-related, the site includes easy to use navigation and sorting tools and photo collections ranging from the historical to the news of the day.

Behold: Photo Blog by Slate

Edited by David Rosenberg, Slate’s Behold photo blog investigates stories based in photography. The guiding editorial line in Behold’s beautifully presented pieces seems to be humanity: people discovering other people through the medium of photography. It is a curious and compassionate collection of stories.

Boston Globe: The Big Picture

The Globe isn't being disingenuous with the name of their photoblog. Come here for gorgeous high-resolution photojournalism about the key issues and stories buzzing around the world. 

CNN Photos

Though not updated since late 2014, CNN's photoblog has an archive of photo stories well worth exploring. From photojournalism to more "artful" photo projects, CNN Photos features excellent work across the board.

The Guardian: In Pictures

The photo-hub of one of the most widely read sources for news around the world, In Pictures provides in depth photojournalism coverage of the latest news as well as feature galleries of special interest stories.

Huffington Post Photography

The well-known news aggregator's photography page collects image-based stories dealing with the day's biggest concerns from around the web onto one page. 


The brainchild of photo editor Andy Adams, FlakPhoto provides its audience with a well-curated selection of work from contemporary artists operating in the photographic medium.


An online-only photography magazine with a great selection of photographic projects.

National Geographic Photo of the Day

National Geographic is justifiably famous for publishing show-stopping photographs, so the “Photo of the Day” page on the Geographic’s site is naturally a reliable source for extraordinary images. Each daily instalment includes a paragraph where photographers discuss their thoughts about the shot. Those unafraid to binge on amazing images can venture into the Photo of the Day archive.

New York Times Lens Blog

The photo blog of the most well-known newspaper in the world, Lens Blog combines great reporting with excellent images. Veteran staff photographer James Estrin serves as co-editor.


A great source for news about the latest photo gear and interesting tid-bits from around the industry.

TIME Lightbox

Time lives up to their reputation for great visual journalism giving their audience a wide selection of photojournalism, portfolios, and archival pictures from Time's long history.

Wired: Raw File

Wired's photoblog provides an array of photo-based stories with the magazine's signature eye at the intersection of technology and culture.