Arts and Letters Daily
The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes this daily gift of articulate and challenging reviews, articles, opinions and essays culled from newspapers and magazines around the world. The simple and elegant newspaper format displays intriguing teasers that link to full articles, as well as links to major media sites, columnists, classics, favorites, weblogs, and a welcome list of “Diversions.” Always thought provoking, and occasionally, just plain provoking. 

BBC Pop-Up
Two young BBC affiliated journalists undertake the classic North American road trip and create a new model for journalism along the way. BBC Pop-Up is the challenge that Matt Danzico and Benjamin Zand of BBC Video Innovation Lab and BBC Trending, respectively, have given themselves: hit the road, arrive in a new town, investigate the stories that people there feel are important, and disseminate them world-wide on social media. “Crowdsourcing” story ideas in this way gives voice to local concerns, and projecting the reports on Instagram and Twitter makes them global concerns. Danzico and Zand see a future where the World Wide Web is irrelevant and people get their news though social media. In such a future, the kind of concise, relevant and very mobile reporting that BBC Pop Up is now pioneering may be the norm.

Broadcast Live
With the simplest sort of site design, Broadcast Live manages to make the wide world of international live radio and TV clear and searchable. There are loads of great links here.  

Columbia Journalism Review
The Columbia Journalism Review’s website compliments the bi-monthly magazine’s insightful scrutiny of media reporting with up to the minute dispatches and blog commentaries on a wide variety of news topics. The Review’s brand of critical reporting makes for illuminating and stimulating reading.

Daylight Multimedia Podcasts
Daylight Community Arts Foundation (DCAF), publisher of the bi-annual photojournalism publication, Daylight Magazine, are bringing the stories of emerging and established photojournalists to a broader audience through their monthly podcasts. Beautifully produced and narrated, the slide shows are exceptional documents that cover subjects from the crisis situations faced by the Afghan people to the spectacular but troubling changes in the landscape of Greenland. See the website for all previous podcasts and for a link to Daylight Magazine’s gallery of contributing photographers.

Ideas – CBC Radio
On the air for over 40 years, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's long running and much loved radio show gives in-depth consideration to ideas - many ideas. Each weeknight the show explores social issues, culture and the arts, geopolitics, history, biography, science and technology, and the humanities. Independent scholars and radio producers offer varying perspectives on these subjects and so many others in finely crafted hour-long (or multi-part) journeys into the topic. The sites archives are treasure house of fascinating topics that are now available in a weekly "Best Of" podcast. 

Former Los Angeles Times reporter and editor Bob Baker is the author of Newsthinking, a book that outlines principles of mental organization for journalists. Baker’s website,, discusses the book and also features an archive of Barker’s articles about journalism, written in his direct, no-nonsense and somewhat old-school style.

News Trust
NewsTrust is a pioneer of Crowd-Sourced Fact-Checking, a model that gives people the tools to separate fact from fiction by providing a feed of quality reporting and information vetted by reviewers. Beyond offering mainstream and independent news feeds that have been reviewed and rated by members, NewsTrust, in association with the Center for Public Integrity has launched TruthSquad, a tool that uses crowd-sourcing to check facts in political discourse.

Media Channel
MediaChannel does the important work of watching the watchers: investigating media issues through the means of criticism, dissection of breaking news, investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide, and links to a wealth of media watcher blogs.  

Online Media Legal Network
Digital content creators starting out in new online ventures can count on low cost or even free (!) legal assistance from The Online Media Legal Network (OMLN), a network of law firms, law school clinics, in-house counsel, and individual lawyers across the United States. An initiative of the Digital Media Law Project at Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, OMNL taps into the legal expertise and pro-bono possibilities for the benefit of qualified clients needing advice on questions such as governance, copyright and the risks associated with publishing on the internet. What the Network gains from this generosity is a role in the rapidly evolving relationship between the internet and the law.

Online Newspapers
This site includes links to thousands of newspapers from around the world, from Jordan to Japan. This super-friendly site even links to many small-city newspapers in the United States. Newspapers are searchable by global region, country, or (for the U.S.) state, so you can find what you need in just seconds. Also, listings indicate which foreign newspapers are published in English.

As the name suggests, this site is all about photo blogs; in fact it is an exhaustive list of photoblogs, managed in a wiki format and may be the closest thing we have to a hub for the ever-expanding universe of photography–related web logs. - Newspapers
Bringing order to the chaos of the internet, Refdesk organizes a wide array of search and reference sources into an intelligent user-friendly system. Well constructed and unpretentiously designed, this site may well live up to its claim to be “The single best source for facts.”