Maggie Steber – Profile

Maggie Steber is an award-winning documentary photographer. She worked in Haiti for a number of years, documenting the Culture and people in images that would eventually become her book Dancing on Fire. Steber has seen her work published in Time Magazine, The New Yorker, People, Sports Illustrated, and National Geographic, among others.

Steber has a gift for bringing out the beauty in people, whomever she photographs. Steber's photographs of her mother battling dementia show her talent for portraying people in a powerful and beautiful way.

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Portrait of an Maggie Steber on Kut radio from Austin, TX.

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Steber's Stories

The Audacity of Beauty, a site which documents Steber's "25 year relationship with Haiti through social and political upheaval, and the moments described by the beauty of the Haitian people."

Rite of Passage, on MediaStorm

A Second Death in a Haitian Cemetary on the New York Times Lens Blog

Sudden City, images from Dubai on National Geographic

Quietly Finding Haiti's Audacious Beauty on New York Times Lens Blog

For Your Bookshelf


Dancing on Fire – Photographs from Haiti

Cover of Dancing on Fire


Maggie Steber's book about Haiti's history and culture, telling stories of the many chapters in Haiti's long history.

Our interview with Maggie Steber

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