Watch: LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph 2013 – INsight Conversations

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is a celebration of photography, created by photographers, for those who share a passion for the still image. The Festival features exhibits and on-stage appearances of three “INsight” photographers, as well as exhibitions, outdoor projections, workshops and interviews over three days and nights.

PhotoWings is the proud sponsor of livestreaming and videography services made available for LOOK3.

Watch the 2013 LOOK3 INsights Conversations:

Gregory Crewdson
Frozen, But Hardly Mute

Michael Nichols
Father of the Festival

Richard Misrach
Poetic Phrases

Tim Laman
Survival of the Sexiest

Martha Rosler
The Art of Protest

Susan Meiselas
Seeking Truth

Carrie Mae Weems
More Questions Than Answers

Carrie Mae Weems speaks during her INsights Conversation with Deborah Willis on June 13, 2013. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Susan Meiselas discusses her career with David Levi Strauss at LOOK3. Her coverage of Nicaragua earned her the Overseas Press Club's Robert Capa Gold Medal in 1978. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

INsight Conversations

INsight Conversations provide LOOK3 attendees with the chance to hear from some of the most remarkable living photographers. In addition, each INsight Artist presents a solo exhibition in Charlottesville during LOOK3. 2013's INsight artists are Tim Laman, Carrie Mae Weems, Richard Misrach, Susan Meiselas, Michael Nichols, Josef Koudelka, Martha Rosler, and Gregory Crewdson.

A wide look at INsight Artist and National Geographic photographer Michael Nichols' solo exhibition, The Short Happy Life of a Serengeti Lion, on display at The Haven in Charlottesville. The Haven is a homeless services center operating from a renovated church. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Aperture Foundation's Senior Editor Denise Wolff makes the case for publishing a photography book in her class at LOOK3. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

LOOK3 Classes

Education is at the core of LOOK3's foundation. At LOOK3, important photographic professionals from different industries  come together to share their expertise with participants. 

As part of her class, Pamela Chen, Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic, shares case studies on effective uses for different digital publishing platforms. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Radio journalist Alex Chadwick and Multimedia storyteller Bruce Strong conduct a presentation in front of their class on "Audio Techniques and the Art of the Interview." Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Radio journalist Alex Chadwick and Multimedia storyteller Bruce Strong lay out an array of audio recording equipment for his class on "Audio Techniques and the Art of the Interview." Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Washington Post's Direct of Photography, MaryAnne Golon conducting a portfolio review. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Portfolio Reviews

In addition to offering classes, LOOK3 also provides a space for registered attendees to have their portfolio reviewed.

A diverse set of portfolio reviewers meet with aspiring photographers at LOOK3. Among the reviewers: Fine artist Todd Hido (center, holding the tablet) & Editor Alexa Dilworth from Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies (right, back turned). Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz

Elizabeth Biondi, who established photography at The New Yorker as Visuals Editor, flips through prints during a portfolio review. Courtesy, © 2013 Suzie Katz