Online Courses

American Society of Media Photographers 
Founded in 1944, at a time when print photographers had little financial or professional organization, ASMP was created to defend the rights and interests of professional photographers. The society advocates for copyright protection, business education, professional standards and fellowship, and against work–for–hire and other abuses. ASMP has chapters all over the nation and holds valuable meetings on a range of issues of interest for photographers—pricing and administration, client relations, and technical “how to” topics, as well as talks on featured photographers. These events are not only learning but also networking and social opportunities, giving photographers, who typically work in isolation, a sense of real community. 

Digital Photography Review 
Like the rest of the site, DP Review’s Forum is a comprehensive and orderly. The collection of digital gear discussions is grouped by equipment brand and technique and the active interest of the participants is measured by counters that keep track of the number of threads and messages as well as the number of minutes between postings.

Digital Vision Network 
An associate of the venerable monthly multi-media magazine for visual journalism The Digital Journalist, Digital Vision Network assembles links to partner organizations, professional organizations, like-minded online publications as well as information on “Platypus workshops” for professionals, DVN consulting and a blog.

Documentary Educational Resource
Documentary Educational Resource continues its longstanding mission of making cross-cultural documentary films available for educational purposes. DER supports filmmakers who engage with communities and cultures all over the world, producing and distributing their work with the goal of educating both students and the general population on many issues. The organization offers financial sponsorship of projects, workshops in film editing, consulting for filmmakers on marketing and fundraising, as well as an internship program for students and a film stock agency to help get the work out there.

Editorial Photographers 
Founded by editorial photographers for editorial photographers, EP speaks frankly and directly to many issues facing professionals today. In a field that has seen a lot of change in recent years, EP’s stated mission is to advocate for photographers’ rights and to be a voice for change in the industry. Relying on education and communication to increase awareness of the issues, the site provides ample information on everything from wise business practices to the politics of editorial photography. EP’s site also includes many member services, ranging from the “Find a Photographer” database to Outreach EP, Editorial Photographers’ excellent education and resource page, which deals with some of the most important questions challenging today’s photographers.

Hey Hot Shot! 
Calling itself “the best thing going for emerging photographers,” Hey Hot Shots is a competition that offers up and coming photographers a modest cash prize and the invaluable gifts of expert feedback and gallery exposure. New York photo gallery owner Jen Beckman founded Hot Shots as a means of discovering rising talents and has brought in curators, editors, collectors, established photographers and tastemakers of all descriptions to help review the submissions that come in from the world over. Winners gain much needed visibility in a two week group show at Beckman’s Spring Street gallery, and from among these Beckman chooses the “Ultra,” the top of the class, whom will be represented by the gallery with all the benefits this brings.