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Henrik Kastenskov

Henrik Kastenskov gives advice to emerging photographers— every story has a unique character and never approach two stories in the same way. He talks about journalistic technique and the idea of the photographer as a witness.

Henrik Kastenskov was born and raised in Denmark just north of Copenhagen in 1966. Originally working as a fashion photographer, he produced his first multi media piece in 1996. Heeding his long time passion for ’real life’ he then turned towards photojournalism and the famed Danish School of Photojournalism in 2002.

Henrik has worked extensively in Latin America, the Balkans and the Middle East documenting the impact of war and poverty on the under priviliged.

With a keen interest in online story telling and an emphasis on sound in multimedia he’s just completed one years work on a multimedia piece on Danish combat soldiers in Afghanistan.

Henrik’s been awarded several times including NPPA’s ’Best of Photojournalism – independent media’ in 2006 for the multimedia piece ”The Ardoyne Suicides” shot and co-produced with longtime friend and colleague in Bombay Flying Club, Poul Madsen.

”Storytelling on the web is still only in an infant state – this is the moment of defining the rules of the narrative, and I want to be part of that”.

Henrik has worked as an intern at Morgenavisen Jylands-Posten and as a staff photographer at 24 Timer. Today he works as a freelance photojournalist and independent multimedia producer.

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 Importance of Research

Henrik Kastenskov talks about the importance of research before interviews. He explains how well performed research will allow subjects to get more comfortable with photojournalists. Also, he encourages multimedia producers to keep the focus on whichever specific media they have in their hand.

 Learning From Students

Henrik Kastenskov tells us what he learns from his students about photography. He goes on to explain that his students teach him a lot about perseverance and resilience.

Career Evolution 
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