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Camille Seaman sits down to talk about her career as photographer, generously sharing her insights and experiences. In this video, Camille talks in an incredibly moving and deep way about the role photography played in her own life, and its power as a medium of expression.

Camille Seaman is an Award-winning American photographer best known for her evocative Polar images. Capturing the essence of awe and beauty of indigenous cultures and environments, in a sophisticated documentary/fine art tradition is her trademark. Seaman has traveled to over 30 countries creating timeless images. Her work has been exhibited and published in magazines internationally, including National Geographic, Newsweek, TIME and many more. Seaman's career was launched when she traveled north to the Arctic in 2003 where she made stunning photographs of the little known island of Svalbard and its Arctic environment. She has studied with many top-name social-documentary photographers, including Steve McCurry, Sebastião Salgado and Paul Fusco. Seaman herself often teaches workshops on photography and self-publishing.

In 2008, she presented a number of her photographs in a one-artist show entitled "The Last Iceberg," at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. Her photographs showed fragile and deteriorating images of the arctic wilderness, and she has taken many long voyages to both the arctic and antarctic wilderness.


In 2011 Seaman was named a TED conference Fellow and in 2013 she was named a TED conference Senior Fellow as well as a Stanford University Knight Fellow. She was also selected by American Photo magazine as one of the top 15 emerging photographers of 2007. Other select awards include: Artist in Residence onboard M/V Orlova in Antarctica (2007); Critical Mass Top Monograph Book Award (2006); National Geographic Award (2006); Nikon.Net Editor's Choice Award (2006).

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