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Founded in 1996 by Natalie FobesPhil Borges and Malcolm Edwards, Blue Earth Alliance offers resources and support for photographers to fulfill projects that positively impact the world. Among the projects supported by Blue Earth Alliance are Sara Terry’s Aftermath Project, Subhanker Banerjee’s Land as Home and Camille Seaman’s Siberia Is Melting.

Organized by Blue Earth Alliance, the Collaborations for Cause Conference provides an open environment in order to build strong, lasting bridges among creative multimedia storytellers, non-profits, socially responsible corporations and supporting communities. 

Natalie Fobes: Photography for change and the Blue Earth Alliance


About Collaborations for Cause

  • Emcee Dan Lamont (far left) moderates a panel on effective visual storytelling featuring (second-from-left to right) Dan Green of the Gates Foundation, Jane Sutton-Redner of World Vision and Milenko Matanovic of the Pomegranate Center. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Dan Green of the Gates Foundation speaks onstage at Collaborations for Cause. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Sara Joy Steele and Benjamin Drummond (not pictured) explore how the multimedia toolbox can help both local nonprofits and international organizations reach new audiences across a multi-platform media landscape. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Benjamin Drummond speaks with Sara Joy Steele at Collaborations for Cause. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Participants watch on during Benjamin Drummond & Sara Joy Steele's presentation. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Photographer Florian Schulz ends day one on an inspirational note with the story of his IMAX film, "To the Arctic." Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Kevin Sparkman (left) hosts Scott Anger (center) and Tom Reese (right) for a discussion of ethics. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Shauna Casey of Social Media Club Seattle speaks at Collaborations for Cause. Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.
  • Courtesy, © Suzie Katz 2012.

From the start of the conference, attendees can expect thought-provoking presentations and stories from the field, told by a range of creative professionals. The second day centers around more organic structures for conversation: The “unconference,” or what the organizers call a participatory Open Space. In their words,

Participants and panelists alike can suggest breakout topics which will be grouped into designated times andspaces. Everyone will follow the law of two feet: If it’s interesting, participate. If you’re ready for somethingnew, move on! Synergy and spontaneity will rule the day.

For a more detailed breakdown of events at Collaborations for Cause, visit this year's conference website.


PhotoWings at Collaborations for Cause

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Social media expert Shauna Causey delivers the keynote speech at the very first Collaborations for Cause conference. Courtesy, © Susan Katz 2012

Dan Green from the Gates Foundation discusses what makes for successful storytelling. Courtesy, © Susan Katz 2012

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