Amy Benson


Amy Benson

Amy Benson is the co-owner of Nonfiction Media, a production company in Seattle. She has shot and edited over 25 short films telling the stories of nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest, Africa and Asia. Her personal documentary short Three: Impressions from the Struggle for Girls’ Education was the centerpiece of the UNIFEM Singapore film festival. Another short, Called to Shine, about Clarksdale, Mississippi’s only female preacher, premiered at the Langston Hughes film festival. Her very first short about the life in a local homeless encampment won awards from SIFF and The Seattle Times. She produced and directed her first feature film, Drawing the Tiger, in 2015. The film is a documentary project about a family in Nepal living on less than a dollar a day that wins the globalization jackpot: a charity scholarship for their daughter to go to school in the capital city. She promises to return to free her family from poverty, but ultimately does not. Drawing the Tiger is an intimate portrait of the price one family pays for their golden opportunity.


Amy Benson & Scott Squire - On "Drawing the Tiger"

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