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Agnès Dherbeys

Agnès offers anecdotes and advice about how to deal with difficult or boring subjects.

Agnès Dherbeys is a Bangkok-based 35-year-old French photographer. She graduated with honours from the Master of Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Politics) of Lyon and from master 2 of Sciences of Information and Communication from Celsa, Sorbonne IV. She learned photography when she moved to Bangkok in 2001, and has since mainly focused her work in Nepal, East Timor, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand, with some parentheses in the Palestinian Territories/Israel.

Her 2010 coverage of the Red Shirts unrest in Thailand last April and May 2010, was exhibited at the Bangkok Art Cultural Center in RUPTURE exhibition, curated by Olivier Pin. With this body of work, published in the New York Times, she recently was awarded THE ROBERT CAPA GOLD MEDAL AWARD of the OPC, for “Best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise”.

Dherbeys is currently photographing French band Limousine recording of their Third album, immerged in the universe of Molaam music in North East Thailand. The project is funded by l’Institut Français, Agnes B, Factory Festival, among others.

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On Photography

While maintaining a healthy skepticism about photography, Agnès Dherbeys enjoys the immediately encompassing effect of a single, still image.


Agnès Dherbeys goes the factors behind working on extended photographic projects, speaking about research and preparation. She discusses her work in East Timor, offering what she did to prepare for the project and compares that to what happened on the ground.

Critical Thinking

As an orphan from Korea, Agnès looks to make a photographic project about a woman who meets the profile of who her mother might have been in order to explore the concept of motherhood. She's less interested in documenting a journey to find her actual mother. She believes that photographer's work should be self-relevant, but not narcissistic.


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