Outreach Spotlight: Global Nomads


Global Nomads

A collection of educators and students fostering dialogue and understanding among the world's youth. Global Nomads Group works at the intersection of cultural exchange, international education, and conflict resolution.  Technology is leveraged to enable conversation between middle school and high school students who otherwise would not meet.  These exchanges promote empathy, peace, and build 21st century workforce skills.

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PhotoWings is partnering with Global Nomads Group to create a photography-based curriculum for students as it scales its efforts from the individual school to the district level.


Since the launch of our partnership in 2015-2016, Global Nomads Group (GNG) and PhotoWings have successfully designed, piloted, and iterated on the GNG Campfire program, to include integral elements of photography, photo sharing, and visual storytelling.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, GNG expanded Campfire to 150 classrooms (serving 3,000 students) from 40 classrooms (800 students) in previous years. GNG also expanded its geographic reach, implementing Campfire in Morocco, Tunisia, and the US states of Utah and California.

In 2017-2018, GNG will be expanding its Campfire program to 250 classrooms across the U.S. and MENA region. In parallel, GNG will be carrying out a human-centered design (HCD) process to convene its stakeholders, revisit their needs and desires, and consequently develop a new curriculum and digital platform base to be piloted in GNG schools.

Campfire 2017-2018 uses storytelling as the access point into the curriculum, and #EverydayLife activities are now threaded throughout each lesson. #EverydayLife photography resources will help students learn how to read, take, and tell a story with photographs.


Campfire Exchanges

Campfire is a 12-week academic virtual exchange program implemented by Global Nomads Group with the support of PhotoWings and other esteemed donors that connects secondary school classes across Pakistan with peers in the US. The program seeks to foster global citizenship and greater regional stability. Students and educators from ten paired classes post ideas, experiences, and a wide range of media content on a custom-made, free, and open source platform. This asynchronous model of exchange makes it possible to avoid barriers of time difference and Internet bandwidth and achieve the overarching objective of Campfire: to create a network of youth across Pakistan and the US, who have the skills and knowledge to be active and constructive, local and global citizens, ready to collaboratively tackle future challenges through peaceful means. This objective has the following competency targets:

i. To foster constructive dialogue and mutual understanding between young people in Pakistan and the US, increasing their capacity to serve as youth ambassadors of each others’ countries and cultures;

ii. To prepare Pakistani youth, alongside their US peers, with 21st century competencies and soft skills, namely the abilities to communicate, collaborate and empathize;

iii. To empower Pakistani teachers, alongside their US colleagues, with the technology skills and methodological competencies to provide technology-enabled student centered learning and cross-cultural learning experiences.

Community Lens Photo Exchange

In Module 1, students will create a Community Lens Photo Exchange. This activity asks students to compile photos of their community and post these photos on GNG Connect.


Excerpt from Module 1: Many Stories, One World

We’ll learn how where we come from influences the way we see the world. We’ll focus on our partner country and brainstorm what we know already (or think we know) and what we want to learn throughout this program. This will help us create a Community Lens Photo Exchange, where we’ll share information about our own communities and countries. At the end of the module, we’ll begin thinking about our Global Citizenship Project and reflect on our learning by creating our first multimedia reflections (photostories or vlogs). Do you think you will discover more similarities or differences? Let’s find out!

"[The Campfire PD] workshop was really helpful in telling us about the importance of intercultural dialogue to bring change in the global society."

- Sharmeen, Pakistani educator


"I think [the Campfire program] relates to our students because they are our future leaders and I think it's important that when they are old enough to lead us and take care of us when we're old that they make good decisions based on good experiences globally rather than biases that they picked up somewhere. Basically, they're going to be leading us someday and I want them to lead us in the right direction."

- Lindsay, US Educator



About Global Nomads:

Global Nomads Group (GNG) is an international non-profit organization that fosters dialogue and understanding among the world’s youth. Founded in 1998, GNG uses virtual exchange and a diverse range of innovative project-based curricula to engage and empower youth around the world to make a difference in their local and global communities. GNG operates at the intersection of international and peace education. By fostering global awareness and promoting intercultural competence among the world’s youth, we believe we can make the world a more peaceful, prosperous place.



Throughout history, campfires have brought people of different cultures together to share warmth, shelter, and stories. This program, Campfire, brings people together digitally to collaborate on global citizenship projects and share their experiences. Your class or group will be paired with a partner class in another country during the school year, and use an online platform to work together and get to know each other beyond media headlines. You will become a team, across borders, and work together to answer the question: “How do we, as youth, engage our communities to create positive social change?”


GNG’s Campfire Partners

The Bezos Family FoundationPhotoWings, the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, the U.S. Consulate in Lahore, Pakistan, and the Yahoo Employee Foundation.