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Adriana Zehbrauskas

Because pictures can be understood easier than text, Adriana Zehbrauskas believes that photography's power stems from its ability to communicate across languages. She also points to photography's ability to evoke memories.

Adriana Zehbrauskas was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She received a degree in Journalism and moved to Paris where she studied Linguistics and Phonetics at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. She worked as a staff photographer for Folha de S. Paulo, in Brazil, for 11 years, traveling extensively throughout the country and abroad.

As a free-lancer photojurnalist based in Mexico City, she contributes regularly with the New York Times. Other clients include the Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Glamour Magazine, The Guardian, Paris Match, Le Figaro, Save the Children and the World Health Organization among others.

Adriana is one of the three photographers profiled in the documentary “Beyond Assignment” (USA, 2011), alongside Mariella Furrer and Gali Tibbon. The film was produced by The Knight Center for International Media and the University of Miami and features the Tepito project.

Her project on Faith in Brazil and Mexico was awarded a Art & Worship World Prize by the Niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation and a book is currently under production to be published by Bei Editores in São Paulo, Brasil. She was a finalist for the New York Photo Awards 2009 and 2010 and is an instructor with the Foundry Photojournalism Workshops.

Adriana is the recipient of the Troféu Mulher Imprensa (photojournalist newspaper/magazine), São Paulo, Brazil, Feb 2012.


Adriana Zehbrauskas – Family Matters

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Cultural Storytelling

In documenting and telling the story of different cultures, Adriana Zehbrauskas believes that photography helps demonstrate that "people are not truly born equal." From this awareness, people can find encouragement to remedy the problems of inequity.


Adriana Zehbrauskas talks about the ethical concerns involved in shooting sensitive situations — and the importance of respect.

Covering Conflicts 
Adriana Zehbrauskas talks about the risks of covering conflict in Mexico, and the sometimes deadly cost of being a photojournalist overseas.